Why Port Ministry?

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With so many different ministry focuses to so many different people groups, why should anyone consider port ministry?  Why should port ministry be important to Christians?  With so many other places competing for ministry dollars, why should we consider giving to port ministry?

Dr. Chuck Kelly of New Orleans Baptist Seminary said, "Port ministries have the fastest access to the ends of the earth."  At Texas Port Ministry alone we encounter over 23,000 seafarers from over 50 different countries of the world each year.  Some of those countries have little to no access to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  When those seafarers visit Freeport, Texas, they are visited by a volunteer from Texas Port Ministry.  That volunteer takes New Testaments, evangelistic tracts, Jesus Film DVDs, and other tools of the gospel in the seafarer's heart language to the ship.  Seafarers take these resources, many times enthusiastically, read them and take them home to share with their friends and families.  In this way the gospel is introduced into countries where missionaries have difficulting going.

Each year over 150,000 trucks enter the dry cargo area at Port Freeport.  Texas Port Ministry ministers to many of these men and women by providing personal care items, shower facilities, Bibles, and audio CDs.  As we've engaged more and more truck drivers, we've discovered that many of them have immigrated here from other countries and still have families there.  Having Bibles and other resources in various languages has been helpful in meeting the needs of these drivers.  Drivers are alone and isolated so much of the time that they enjoy opportunties to sit and visit with other people.  Our volunteers provide a listening ear and lively conversation which often turns to spiritual matters and sometimes even to gospel presentations.  The gospel of Jesus often drives away from Texas Port Ministry on 18 wheels.

Every week we have over 30 port workers eat lunch with us.  Several more of these come back for Bible study later in the week.  Every time we enter or leave the port facilities we see many of these same workers.  Our Monday Meals ministry has opened the doors for us to form meaningful relationships with many of these men and women who live and work right here in our area.  When accidents happen and prayer is needed, they know they can contact us for support and encouragement.  Our goal is to share the love of Christ with workers at the port and help to connect them with area churches.

Texas Port Ministry stands on the front lines of missions.  Through our ministry to the Freeport Harbor Community we're able to fulfill God's command to us in Acts 1:8 to be witnesses in Jerusalem (to port workers) in Judea and Samaria (to truck drivers) and to the ends of the earth (to seafarers).

Why port ministry?  The answer is obvious.  The better question might be:  How can I get involved in port ministry?

Contact us and we'll help you answer that.  979-233-5641 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


The Many Faces of Missions Work

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Texas Port Ministry is one of the only places that I know of where you can do local, state, North American, and International missions all in one location.  We're able to minister to port workers who live right here in Brazoria County, truck drivers from all over the state and country, and seafarers from over 50 different countries around the world.  We encourage churches and small groups to partner with us in our missions work.  This week we had two different groups from Brazos Pointe Fellowship in Lake Jackson work with us.

On Tuesday night we had an adult small group who came and ate dinner at our ministry center.  After dinner Bobby gave them a tour of the center.  Then they joined in missions by cleaning up the Blessing Room (our clothes closet ministry) and signing Christmas cards that will be included in the Christmas gifts we give out this year.  This mission group participated in behind the scenes work.  It's work that doesn't always seem important.  However, the work they did will be beneficial to many people.  Every year we receive cards of thanks from seafarers and truck drivers who receive a signed Christmas card.  Sometimes this Christmas gift and card are the only gifts they'll receive that holiday season.  The fact that someone cares enough to personally sign a card for them blesses them in ways that we can never imagine.  This work also frees up our volunteers and staff to be able to handle other aspects of the ministry rather than be tied up with the day to day details of sorting and folding clothing.   Sometimes missions work happens in the back room behind the scenes where no one else can see.

On Wednesday night we had a group of high school boys who came to the ministry center.  We had planned for them to wash vans, but they arrived just as it was getting dark.  Instead, Bobby brought them into the center and gave them a tour of the facilities.  While they were here a group of seafarers off the FAIRCHEM BRONCO came into the center for phone cards.  Bobby and the boys engaged the seafarers in conversation about their work and their families back home.  A truck driver also came into the center during this time.  The boys were able to hear from the truck driver about his life on the road.  The driver shared with the boys about the way that Texas Port Ministry has blessed him over the months that he's been coming.  He told the boys about how lonely it is on the road and about the MP3 audio Bible Bobby gave him and how this has been helpful to him when he's overcome with loneliness.  This mission group was involved in the front end of missions work.  They didn't share the gospel with anyone, and no one was saved during their time here, but the boys engaged people in conversation.  Sometimes missions work is simply being friendly and sharing the love of Christ with the people you meet.

Missions work can take on many different forms.  As Christians, we're called to be involved in sharing God's Word with the people around us and to the ends of the earth.  Where is God calling you to serve?  In your neighborhood?  On the other side of the world?  Or maybe even at Texas Port Ministry?  Join Him in His work and partner with us in Shipping the Good News around the World.


What a Week!!!

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Bobby, Jackie, and Michelle spent last week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a group of chaplains and ministers representing port ministries from across the United States, Canada, and parts of England.  We attended the Port Ministries International (PMI) Conference which was combined this year with the North American Maritime Ministries Association (NAMMA) annual conference.  Two times the conference, two times the resources, two times the fellowship, two times the learning - all in one trip!!

As part of the conference, we were blessed to hear from Dr. David Crosby, pastor of First Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA.  Dr. Crosby was the keynote speaker on Tuesday, and also led the morning devotion time for PMI on Tuesday and Thursday.  He challenged us with his message and reminded us to keep the main thing the main thing.

His keynote address was titled "4 Things Every Christian & Every Ministry Must Do to Succeed."
1. You MUST have a goal.
Texas Port Ministry of Freeport exists to provide spiritual, social, and physical care to the Freeport Harbor Community.
2. You MUST have self-control.
He reminded us that everything we do should point toward our goal.  What a great reminder and challenge to stay single-minded in a world that's so full of distractions.
3. You MUST have confidence.
When the walls seem too high and the giants seem too big, remember that our God is higher, bigger, and stronger!
4. You MUST have determination.
We were reminded that we never get to a place in our spiritual lives, or the life of our ministry, when we can sit back and coast along on previous successes. 

We are facing some challenges at Texas Port Ministry.  Our staff and volunteers face challenges in their personal lives.  But our God is bigger than any challenge we could ever face.  If we'll stay focused on God and our goal of reaching the Freeport Harbor Community with the love of Christ, we'll succeed.  You can join us in our mission by praying, giving, volunteering, and sharing with others how they can get involved.  With your help we'll be successful in Shipping the Good News around the World.


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