Christmas Blessings

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I wish that you could be here to see the faces on the seafarers and truck drivers when they receive a Christmas gift from one of our volunteers.  We see so many different reactions.  Some of them are surprised that we care enough to give a gift to someone we've never met before.  Some of them are suspicious, wondering if there's a catch to the gift.  And some of them are as excited as children on Christmas morning.  Regardless of their initial reaction, everyone been thankful for the gift and for our volunteers who care enough to give their time to distribute the gifts.  The seafarers and truck drivers don't always realize how many people are behind that gift.  So many of you are a big part of the gifts that we give at Christmas and throughout the year.  Your prayers, encouragement, volunteer efforts, and financial resources make everything that we do at Texas Port Ministry possible.  Without you, we simply can't function. 

I wish that you could be here to see OUR faces when we open the mail and find a note of encouragement or a check to help fund the ministry.  Or when we get an email that says someone has prayed for us, or given a financial donation online.  Whether the gift is large or small, every gift is important to us and helps in Shipping the Good News around the World.  Thank you for your partnership with Texas Port Ministry!

Will you consider increasing your partnership with us?  Whether that means that you become a volunteer, give a financial donation, increase what you have been giving, or add us to your regular prayer list, we need your help to ensure the opportunity for ministry to the 23,000 seafarers, 150,000 truck drivers, and numerous port workers in the Freeport Harbor Community.

You are a blessing to us!  Thank you!


We are always in need of volunteers to help spread the good news!

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