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Conversational Evangelism.  Lifestyle Evangelism.  Relational Evangelism.  Each of these conveys the idea that we integrate evangelism into our daily lives and regular conversations.  It's the idea that we can take any relationship and any conversation and use that as a way of sharing our faith in Christ.  These approaches to evangelism are put into practice every day at Texas Port Ministry as we minister to seafarers, truck drivers, and port workers in the Freeport Harbor Community.

The ANTARES J delivers bananas to Freeport every Monday or Tuesday.  Each week our ship visitor, Mike Potts, boards the ship.  Because of his regular visits he has built relationships with several men.  One of the first people he meets upon visiting this ship and most others is the chief cook.  Mike learned last month that the cook would be ending his contract with the ship and would return home to Honduras.  The cook is hoping to start his own restaurant so he can stay home with his family and young children.  Mike gave him a Jesus Film DVD and prayed with him before he left a few weeks ago.  Then, Mike had the privilege of beginning a new relationship with the new cook, Vladamir.  This week, Mike met Ivan, a young Filipino seafarer on his second contract (remember they serve for 10-12 months at a time).  Ivan is very homesick so he and Mike prayed together for peace and joy and that God would replace his sadness.  Mike is planning to take a hymnal to Ivan next week when he visits the ship.  

Over the summer we met Benji, Dana, and their son Zak, truck drivers from the Amarillo area.  They drove a route that would send them back and forth from Freeport to Houston, sometimes several times each day.  Because of his age Zak wasn't able to go inside the port facilities so he and Dana would often wait at the Texas Port Ministry center while Benji would pick up the load.  Bobby and Michelle were able to build a relationship with this family and through that relationship, we were able to share the love of Jesus with them.  Through the course of many spiritual conversations, we were able to encourage Dana and Benji to take another step with God.  Dana took devotional and Bible study materials with her and the family began participating in regular Bible study together.  

Because of regular volunteers, we're able to build relationships with the people we minister to in the Freeport Harbor Community.  Because our volunteers participate in conversational evangelism, lifestyle evangelism, and relational evangelism many people are hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Will you consider partnering with us in Shipping the Good News around the World by being a volunteer or by giving financially to help provide resources for our volunteers?


We are always in need of volunteers to help spread the good news!

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